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The “SPREAD LOVE” initiative is movement based upon the principle of love, a concept that is

universal and to the point. Through the power of love, we have the capacity to change our

communities, one person at a time. What started out as daily motivation and inspirational

words of encouragement through social media has evolved into a grassroots efforts to

empower people and their communities, and to affect positive change through the power of


Our Vision:

To become a umbrella of resources for communities at large, and to allow

individuals motivated by love for their community, and avenue to “SPREAD LOVE” by lending

their resources and talents to those in need.

Our Mission:

Spread Love Initiative Incorporated looks to work hand-in- hand with community partners and agencies with sustainable initiatives that empower, advocate, and provide healthy solutions for human services.

Through the “Spread Love” initiative, we seek to find ways to build, strengthen, and heal our

communities. For the last past 7 years, the Spread Love Initiative has held a free Mother’s Day

Brunch for Mothers who have lost their children to violence. The event was a huge success, and we are

hoping to duplicate that same success with an outings geared towards support for families.

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